The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

Lectionary: 166

Thus says the wisdom of God:
"The LORD possessed me, the beginning of his ways, the forerunner of his prodigies of long ago; from of old I was poured forth, at the first, before the earth.

During his last year in office, Pope Benedict XVI urged Catholics around the world to practice a "Year of Faith." Not simply a year of prayer, this should be a time of study and contemplation. He urged us especially to study our creeds and read The Catechism of the Catholic Church
I have found myself especially blessed because a friend's suggestion of several years ago finally germinated -- I read Cardinal Ratzinger's Introduction to Christianity. Suddenly I understand why the Pope Emeritus introduced a Year of Faith. We must anchor our spirituality in the Creed. Veneration of the saints and devotions to Mary are all well and good, but every Christian should contemplate our beliefs. Our imagination, thinking and decisions should be shaped by those principles that set us apart. Without the Creed we are salt without savor
The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity invites reflection on the Apostles Creed and Nicene Creed. But the whole world could not contain all the words that should be written about such mysteries. Let's take a fresh look at one facet: 
Today's first reading is from the Book of Wisdom. "Wisdom" describes herself as a beloved child of God who watched the creation of the world since its very beginnings. She is the "forerunner of his prodigies," and she pervades all things. Wherever the wise look they find wisdom and beauty and pleasure. God's hand is manifest in the stars above and the sand beneath our feet. God's mystery appears even in our capacity to see and hear beauty. As the poet George Herbert wrote, "Who made the eyes but I?
Cardinal Ratzinger believes the Jewish sage who wrote this book was influenced by Greek philosophy. (We already know he was writing in Greek.) Wisdom was logos, the expression of Being which underlies all existence. So it was no great leap of imagination for Saint John to tell us, "the logos became flesh and pitched his tent among us." 
The Christian understands God the Father (who is Being) speaks the Word (logos) who is Jesus, and their Spirit is total surrendering love to one another. 
The Cardinal is adamant that we should understand this Greek philosophy which had long pondered the nature of Being. Without a foundation in Ontology -- the study of being -- one's notion of God is apt to be "mythological." It will change and fluctuate with the ever-shifting culture in which we're immersed. God might appear to be a tyrant to one and a father to another and energy to a third. 

But we believe at the heart of all existence is Being, or One who is love. God does not simply love; God is love. God does not simply sacrifice his only begotten son; God expresses (empties!) himself totally in speaking the Word who is Crucified Love. That Spirit -- their Spirit -- exhales and exhausts in creating, sustaining, redeeming and fulfilling the universe. 
When we say, "I believe" we invite this Being to take up residence within our being, to draw us together into all being, finding our meaning and purpose, our healing and forgiveness, reconciliation and salvation in the One who is All. 

Saint Francis knew this intuitively as he prayed, "My God and My All." 

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  1. I can rest assure of the quailty of christ and his father God whom choosen us to be form as individuals. Since August i'm have seen the blessings of his unforgiving love in my own spiritual growth. My life has turned so many different ways, it has cause a new sensation deep within my bussom, which can't be explained. I lost the woman of my lifetime because she ask me to break a commendment of the Lord by not speaking with a fellow spiritual souls based upon her dislikes. I refused. I felt like Job becuase I've lost or sold, given or donated all of my personal belongings. Want items which I still process in this life has been shiped back to the states and are still in storage in New York. I felt and acted like Jonah whom wasn't please with specific leaders of the church whom had received stewartship for the ward they were assigned to. I felt unwanted, unloved, and displaced in the church. I felt like the man whom I was asked to never speak too. Ten months before me keaving Louisville for a temple marriage with her. I grab her hand and walk with her to knelt down in prayer and asked my Lord and Saviour to provide with a lesser degeee of responsibility for our action prior to our marriage. Iasked my Lord to provide me with the greater degeee of committment to be satisfied from him to me in forgiveness. I can honestly express to individuals abiut the atonement of christ. Christ atonement is for every soul ever given a body on this earth. I've only share this on a level for one additional person. I spent a total of 19 months of this commitment. Seven additional month was added from the orginal date given. My decision to stay true in supporting a brother soul has opned my eyes more clearly on my Lord and Saviour atonement for all men and woman. I had to move out of a situation to keep another situation from going bad to worst, leaving me with only faith. I moved what suitcase belongings I had here into a local storage facilty. I was left with being homeless. Then finally after a nap in a old chair next to my other belongings which I had in Richmond. I receive a call that I could stay in house until my new apartment opens on the 01, June. This house has no power, no water, nothing to offer but a roof over my head. Iam now living out of my backpack. I went from living a healthy live with many processions to living in a suitcase and finally my backpack al for two decisions in mylife, the first one was in the process of being corrected and the second one for staying true in loving and supporting all brothers and sisters of his church. Does Anita truly understands want has become of me? Am a better man because of my decisions, Yes I believe so. We ar require to forgive all atall cost. Do i regret making thise decisions, No because I have grown more during this peroid of my life then any other peroid of my life.

    "Forgiveness doesn't change the past but it does enlarge the future"
    Paul Boese

    With all of my heart and love, Brother Donald Douglas Mucheck


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